Established 1954

Guy’s grandfather, Nick Quesnel opened Elks Barbershop in 1954 on Carnarvon Street, New Westminster. Nick’s two sons, Lowell and Donald, also entered the Barbering business.

Guy’s father, Donald Quesnel became a Barber around 1967, apprenticed in Elks Barbershop and then opened a shop in Port Moody. Lowell become a real estate agent in 1970, and that’s when Donald returned to run the family business.

After high school, Guy went to Barbering School in the 70’s and started in the trade a few years later. Guy and his father worked the business together until 1994 when Donald retired at age 63. After that Donald would come into the shop from time to time to work a few hours. Guy works alone now since his father passed away in 2003.

Guy has received offers to buy his business but turned them all down. Guy says, “I am feeling good, exercising almost every day and enjoying my work. I have no plans to retire any time soon.”